30 July, 2009

another one of those random posts folks.

What the heck happened to this week? Seriously, it feels like it should still be Tuesday! This is why I am only posting now…another excuse I know.

Things are all good, we had a fabulous weekend. You know those ones that turn out just perfect. We spent Friday and Saturday night with a whole bunch of really good friends, which of course meant we laughed till our cheeks hurt.
Sunday we spent, as usual, with the family. I love the fact that my husband’s idea of a perfect Sunday is spending it with my crazy family. He fits in so well, he-he!

There are a few exciting things happening over the next few weeks.

The husband and I are off to Cape Town for a few days. My parents bought us tickets to fly down for the long weekend. We cannot wait to go back!

We will also be praying for the safe arrival of the newest member to our little circle of friends. The Jansen family are expecting their little boy over the next few weeks. He just better not arrive while we are away, that would be very inconsiderate of him :-)

And next week, there is a chance I might be meeting up with a blogging friend, all the way from Texas. She and her family are in South Africa with her church, and she is spending just two days in Joburg, not far from where we live. So, I am praying that she gets half an hour in her trip to see me. But I know how these things go, you land up being so busy. So if I don’t get to see her, I am going to spend the weekend buying some gifts and dropping them off at their hotel. Either way I am beyond excited!

It’s so strange to be so excited about seeing people I have never met. I love this blogging world!


Janet said...

Meeting blogging friends is divine. I met Firefly when he was in Jozi on business and have plans to meet up with a couple others. It's fun!

sally_j_wife_of_spacej said...

thanks my friend - what date are you back? I will make sure Mr Jansen Jnr hangs in there for his adopted aunt and uncle :-)

Shayne said...

I've been so fortunate to meet up with so many blogging friends in the last month - and it's been awesome!

i really hope you get to meet up with her!

have a fab time in ct!

Shayne said...

ps - yes did my header myself. just from freebie scrapping supplies downloaded.

thank you - i love it too!

Jeanette said...

Enjoy your bloggy meet, and your weekend!