25 June, 2009

how i ruined fathers day.

Sorry, once again, for the lack of posting. No excuse this time, except that it is damn cold here in Joburg, and when we get home it is straight under the covers!

Anyway, let me tell you about my disaster of a Fathers Day!

I have to start off first by explaining to you how difficult it is to by anything for my Dad. He has everything, and if he wants something, he gets it himself. We even ban him from buying anything, a month before Christmas and his birthday. Just so that we can at least buy him something that he is not going to buy himself.

So, this Fathers Day, I started planning a few weeks ahead, and decided to make him his favourite biscuits, that no one ever bakes for him. Great idea. One gift down.
A few days before Fathers Day, I was starting to panic as I had not come up with anything else. When I saw them advertising the new Michael BublĂ© DVD/CD, I knew my Dad would love it. I hadn’t heard him speak about it, but I just knew it would be a great gift. Consult the husband, consult the sister. All agree, it’s a great idea. Perfect. Second and last gift sorted.

I spent Saturday morning getting the dough ready. The plan was to finish the biscuits the Sunday morning, so that they would be freshly baked. And to make the day even better, that night, we were chatting over dinner and my Dad happens to mention the Michael Bublé DVD. I was so happy. Finally I had managed to get a gift that he actually wanted without him knowing a thing.

Sunday morning, I am up at the crack of dawn. Baking my little butt off. What happens…I burn the biscuits so badly that our dogs don’t even want them. One gift down the drain. But it was okay, at least I had the DVD. Not great, but at least I was not going empty handed.

Well I might as well have. We arrive and explained my sad biscuit story to my Dad. My dear, thoughtful, husband thought the biscuits were so funny that he took a photo of them for Twitter, proudly showed them off to the family…at least I had proof that I had tried I suppose.

I proudly hand over the DVD…and straight I knew. He had bought it that very morning. Aaaaaaaaaaaaarghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I wanted to cry.

What a complete disaster. I had nothing to give to my Dad on Fathers Day. The thing is I think he felt worse than I did.

I am starting to plan for next years Fathers Day NOW.


Perfectly Imperfect said...

oh hon!! I'm sorry!!! But it's the thought that counts right?!?

Kylie said...

bless your heart! yes, the thoughtfulness is the best gift of all!
By the way, no one should buy anything for themselves a month before any big holiday when he/she will be receiving a gift! :) My husband is the same way as your dad so he did not get a father's day gift this year!! :)

Lynette Jacobs said...

I guess it is not going to work if I say that "it is the idea that counts". That would be much to flip!

My first visit to your blog and love what I am seeing.

Lindsay said...

And the best thing about our dad is that he really did feel worse than you! And you forgot to mention what an awesome day we had together and thats what he wanted anyway!!!
Love you

Jo said...

You couldnt have tried harder.

Tamara said...

I'm sure your dad was touched by the thought. I have the same problem with my folks. I've resorted to spending more time on making special cards and writing meaningful messages than on the presents themelves.

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