10 May, 2009

we did it.

We officially handed over all three boys this morning. All arms, limbs and important parts were all accounted for. Maybe not our sanity…but we did it. All five of us made it!

I am actually very proud of the husband and I. Mainly because we did no kill each other or one of the kids.

The thing is though…as hard as it was…I am actually missing the little buggers…


David Richardson said...

Way to go! Proud of you.

I'll bet you and Francois did great with them.

Enjoy your well-deserved break. :)

lisa said...

i know they're missing you two, too!

allie. said...

Hey thats IT!
A relief to hand them over - and then BAM! you find you miss them.

Who can figure it out?

But, sheesh Hayley, I take my hat off to you two: to go from zero to three in one shot is nothing short of heroic!

Don't forget - when you have your own, they usually come in 'ones'

Ordinarylife said...

Well done!!!