21 May, 2009

how did this happen.

{american idol spoiler alert}

I am still in shock! I seriously do not understand how Kris could have won. I like Kris, I think he is good. But he doesn’t come close to Adam. In fact, I would have preferred it if Danny had won over Adam, I think Danny was better than Kris.

Oh well, I am sure Adam will still do amazingly well, he is incredible! I really do believe he is the best idol ever….oh and he is so not bad to look at too…

Oh and massive props to DSTV for broadcasting it live this morning. So nice to finally see it the same time as the Americans.


allie. said...

Oh C**P
I didn't register the spoiler alert in time!
And I didn't know it was broadcast live this morning!

So aaaaannnyyyyywaaaayyy!
What a shock!
Maybe the cell phones are responsible for another boo-boo!

Adam was not my fav - Danny was.
But I think ito show biz, Adam was far and way the obvious choice between him and Kris.

Ah well.
Americans are crazy.
Now we know for sure.
(And ja, I know you are a fan of all things USA but surely THIS will make you reconsider?! :-)

PS: Maybe you should consider putting "SPOILER ALERT" on your header?

allie. said...

Sorry Hayley!
Am not mad with you - I felt like a dog when I read your comment of FB.

I just hope I get to see the rebroadcast.
I know this is very bitchy, but I really really want to see Adam's face when he hears Kris won.
He seemed so sure he would

Miller said...

It was a huge shock, preferred Danny personally. Maybe Adam dropped his guyliner, sorry I mean guard!

Kylie said...

Did you hear Kris's response? He didn't even know what to say so and he said, "uh, uh, Adam deserves this!" What a humble guy :)

I must admit, I voted for Kris 35 times after the finale and I had not voted all season long! There were A LOT, A LOT of stories running about their personal lives over here... not that that affects their talent necessarily but I felt like Kris had such incredible character that I preferred him wear the title of "THE American Idol". Maybe there were others like me out there. Either way, Adam is and will continue to be a huge star! He will get a major record deal and probably for more money that the winner got :) I'm quite certain Danny (my favorite all along) will, too. And I really loved Allison- hope she gets a good deal, too!

Kylie said...

I do realize my voting makes me "one of those small minded people". I know-- it's just, I don't know how else to be! HA! :)

Janet said...

LOL! I watched American Idols for the first time on Wednesday night. Also like Danny, but sorry to say, liked Kris more than Adam - who has an incredible voice btw and I don't think he will want for contracts at all! I like the fact that Kris played instruments, piano and guitar - nothing wrong with his looks either!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

I have to say that I am THRILLED Kris won!!! I do think they are both ridiculously talented and will both go far. However, not a fan of how Adam screams all his songs.. Just my opinion. Plus he lost me when he did that rendition of "ring of fire" and solidified it when he screamed his way through my beloved "cryin'". I think it's crazy that people are so shocked he won. They are two completely different styles of artists. Maybe, just maybe, the majority of the voters preferred Kris' style?!

Not that it's probably going to matter. I'm sure they'll both have huge careers! Look at Daughtry... he came in like 4th and he's huge!!

Liz Harrell said...

I can see why Kris won... he's got that every-man type of appeal. But Adam. Yeah. Just wow. But on the upside, he should have no problem launching a career from all this PR.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

I have enjoyed reading your blog.
I am new to the blog world, but have seen the miracle of the blogging community and prayer in the last two days. Hope you will stop by my blog and pray for little Maggie.

Holly said...

I don't watch Idol, but from what I've read online, I don't think you're the only person who was bummed by the result! :(

brigitte said...

he is the best & i also prefered Danny over Kris.

he is a looker.

Unknown said...

I also find Adam quite dishy in a metrosexual kinda way, and he is certainly talented! He'll do well.

Candice said...

I think Adam was more talented, but I must say I was not surprised Kris won. Once I saw the hometwon visit and saw that Kris had a reception of 20,000 people AND most of them were 12 yr old girls who will vote 500x each, I knew it was over for Mr Lambert.

Don't worry, he has a great career ahead of him.

I was also sooooooooooo excited they broadcast it live. I didn't watch it live, but I watched it first thing in the morning before getting on the internet and seeing a spoiler.