19 April, 2009

that is it.

I just cannot stand it anymore. I have been putting up with it for long enough, but I cannot anymore. South African Idols sucks...it more than sucks...it has to be officially the worst show on TV.

From the weak judges, who have obviously have been practising their responses all day, the really bad clothes they wear {because they have to chose from the sponsor}, the bad set, to the that poor presenter {who was reading off her cue cards tonight....I mean, really}.

Can the producers of the show, not see how bad it is?

But the cherry on the top, was Dave's {Mr. Big Shot Music Producer} comment on tonight's show. That Graeme's rendition of Sex on Fire, by The Kings of Leon, sounded better than, and I quote, "a fake hillbilly".....WHAT THE....? You HAVE GOT to be kidding with me?

Don't get me wrong, I did think that Graeme's performance was actually very good, but calling Caleb Followill a fake hillbilly? Is he mad? Or maybe just STUPID. This has just proved that the man knows nothing.

As you can see by the amount of CAPITAL letters in this post....I am VERY, VERY angry.

You don't mess with the Kings of Leon, Dave!


Shayne said...

Exactly the reason I don't watch it. It's a lot of cr*p! I just can't bear how mean the judges are - is it really necessary to put people down like they do?

Keith said...

I cannot agree more! The quality is shocking as for the presenter- she not only reads her cards, she is not that presentable the way she is dressed- as for the hair!!

I prefered cooking my dinners for the week in stead of watching Idols

Miller said...

It is a waste of time watching our local talent(or lack there of)!

Mel said...

I stopped watching at the audition stage. Those judges are utter a-h's. And the whole production is cheap and nasty.

Janet said...

I was so involved in the beginning but haven't watched for ages. The only judge I can bear (and I don't actually believe I am saying this as I find him pretty arrogant) is Gareth. The new presenter is HOPELESS and I think it's an absolute waste of time - it's tacky and unprofessional!

David Richardson said...

Sounds like not good stuff at all.

Other than that, I hope life is treating you well!!