24 April, 2009

one down, sixteen to go.

We made it! We survived the first {long} night and morning.

Let me tell you, this having kids thing is seriously hard work.

Especially, when I make the genius decision, to make a full on dinner. I have just come to the realisation that God invented take-ways and Woolworths, for you working Moms. Mr. Delivery is now on speed-dial, and I will be stopping by Woolies on my way home tonight, and stocking up on every pre-made dinner they have.

One down, sixteen nights to go.


Ordinarylife said...

Well done!!!

You will have to find out if Woolies makes house calls?

allie. said...

NOt only for working moms (ARE there any other kind!? :-)

WW rox - even if their food is not always stellar, at least it is quality and it is ALREADY MADE.
No dishes to wash either.

brigitte said...

wow, you guys are brave and well done in making it through the first night.

good luck for the rest of the 2 weeks.

Heather Nicole said...

Good job!

Kylie said...

oh wow- that's a lot of work :) Good luck and have fun!

Emily said...

yeah:) good luck:) u are brave.. i have babysat three boys at once and it is a chore but rewarding:)

Unknown said...

Makes you wonder how moms do it, hey? Thank God for Woolies.

Jen said...

Phew you made it through! You will do great and I'm sure everyone will have fun. I look forward to reading about the rest of your days with the kids.

jenn said...

Yes, take-out is good. It's hard to work and come home and cook.

Can't wait to hear about all your babysitting adventures.