23 April, 2009

my friend dale.

I have this friend. One who you all wish you had.

He has been my friend for about fifteen years, and he has been the same guy through out those years. He is kind. He is sincere. He makes you laugh until your cheeks hurt. He one-of-a-kind. He is a true friend, in good and bad times. He is just a great guy.

Today is his birthday, so I am using this post to not only wish him an awesome birthday, but more importantly to let him know that his friendship means the world to us.

Dale, thank you for all the years of friendship. It is sincerely a privilege to call you a friend. I know that we will all be friends until we are all rolling around in our wheelchairs, in some little old age home in Benoni, laughing about the good 'ol days....these ones.

I hope you have a wonderful birthday.


Hayley's Mom and Dad said...

Hi Dale Happy birthday to you. Enjoy your day! Love Mr & Mrs Woolard

jacki janse van rensburg said...

rynpark is very popular, so i suggest you put your names on the waiting list soon!

congrats dale!

Unknown said...

I know your friend Dale! Though I'm not sure he'll remember me... I dated his friend Wayne many, many moons ago. Wow, small world. Happy Birthday Dale!! Belated!