22 April, 2009

i voted.

Yip, it's done, I made my mark.

And if you are wondering why I have such a massive ink mark on my thumb....half of that is a bruise. I got my thumb caught between a chair and a table...needless to say I nearly died from the pain.

But back to the voting...you can still see the actual ink mark. I actually thought they were gonna give me a hard time about the black mark on my left thumb, but it was all good.

Can I just say how great it was organised, the queue's moved quickly and everyone was in high spirits. Now we just sit and wait.

Happy election day South Africa!


Janine / Being Brazen said...

I also thought it was really well organised.

Have a great day:)

Liz Harrell said...

Oh bless your heart! I hate did that to my fingernail once with a hammer. Owee.

Emily said...

u are too cute:)

Jen said...

Ouch!! Your finger looks really painful!

Jennifer said...

Good for you for voting! That's really awesome! Yay for being an example too! Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm so happy to have people who know what I'm going through right now!!

South Africa huh? That's AWESOME!