30 March, 2009

a quick note to say.

Finally Lost is back TONIGHT! How long has it been?

I cannot even remember what happened in the last season…mind you, that doesn’t really matter with Lost does it?

Lets hope that we start figuring out what is going on this season.


Heather Nicole said...

What season are you on? I really want to say what I think given the most recent episode - but I dont want to give anything away!

lisa said...

they were prescient when they named that show!
miss you, hayley. but don't try to do everything. just enjoy your new life/ place/ jobs, and write when you can.
oh, and cruise PB and restoration hardware sites, and let me know what i can send for housewarming gift, ok?
love y'all

jenn said...

I love Lost! It's been on for a little while here though. It's a good season (assuming that you're on the same season there). Really good!

Rambler said...

Hehe... just read an interview with Josh Holloway who says he wants to leave the show because no one knows what's going on and they keep trying to get out of the circles they work themselves into... I lost interest mid way through season 3... and I was hugely into it.

jacki janse van rensburg said...

i was a HUGE lost fan, but somewhere in season 2 i got... um, well... lost.

anyway, i don't have dstv, only mnet, so i cannot watch it anymore.

nice to hear from you from time to time. we have been missing you!

Hayley said...

Hi Heather, we are on Season Five!

Hey Lisa, SO good to hear from you.
Havent been on those sites for a while, makes me depressed :-)

Hey Jenn, last nights episode was a recap of all the seasons, so we only get to actually start watching from next week...cannot wait.

Hey Rambler, I stopped watching Season 3, I was getting so damn frustrated, but got addicted agin in Season 4.

Hey Jacki, its good to be back.

Janine / Being Brazen said...

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