14 February, 2009

rugby season.

I am about to make give my husband one huge valentines day gift.... here goes....

Can I just tell you how happy I am that rugby season has finally started! Yes, you read right. I cannot stand sitting through another soccer game...it is beyond boring. I love sport...soccer...not-so-much, I mean even a five day cricket test is more exciting.
Oh...and besides have you seen the men in our rugby teams...hello there!

Oh, and to make his valentines day even better....

Here we go, Stormers, here we go...


The Running Golfer said...

You`re best post ever!!!! YAY!!!!

Ps. 10-0 halftime! Go my boys!!

Anonymous said...

happy valentine's day to you two lovebirds. hayley, so glad you're back until y'all move. kisses to your sweet puppies today, too.

ok, now educate us.
who's the star of the team?
who's their big rival?
tell me more! :)

Hayley said...

Hello Lisa, and same to you!
I am so glad to be home!

Okay I think i will leave that up to my husband :-)

By the way, when are you starting your own blog, I am dying to see photos????

allie. said...

LOVE the Super 14!
DH goes into an absolute state - he says he can't not support the Stormers but that they are THE most frustrating team -

I just about have to put him on to tranquillizers after a game like today!

My best is later on in the series when it starts to get intense
Bring it on!

We are so spoilt - got the Aussies arriving soon for the cricket too.

Anonymous said...

Lol, I've never really been a fan of rugby, even though, come winter, the All Blacks seem to be everywhere! :P

Shayne said...

Must say have never been a huge rugby fan - but i'm learning fast as DH is addicted (and to cricket too).

Do quite enjoy a 20/20 cricket game tho, can be quite stressful to watch!

Miller said...

The rugby season is the best.... pity about your choice of team though.

Wenchy said...

Okay, since meeting Noid I'm now watching a bit of rugby - Cheetah's en so! :)

Janet said...

Haha! You're kind wife. I HATE rugby season, especially Super 14! I can't get P away from it ... life comes to a standstill and Sharks rule (did I just write that on a Stormers blog!?) Sorry ... I prefer non-rugby time!

Hayley said...

hey Allie, my husband does exactly the same thing, I hear words i have never heard before :-)

Holly, I am surprised, I thought every Kiwi was mad about rugby!

Hey Shayne, yip love 20/20, used to work closely on it too, which was great fun.

Ja, ja Mark...whatever!

Hey Wenchy, i think it was the husbands influence aswell that I love rugby so much...do we have choice really :-)

Hey Janet, will forgive you for using such 'language' on my blog :-)

David Richardson said...

Hayley, you are one SUPER COOL wife. Francois is lucky to have ya!

Tamara said...

You're mad, woman. Watching a bunch of gumguard-wearing men chasing a funny-shaped ball for two hours is so not my idea of fun!

But F1 starts 29 March, so at least I can make TSC suffer through my sport too ;-)

Anonymous said...

I hope you had a lovely Valientine's Day you two!

allie. said...

Hey sport fan!
You've been tagged
This one is quick and fun

Pop over and see

Wenchy said...

just say hello!

Frank J said...

I tagged ya!

Oh - and Happy Birthday!!

Ordinarylife said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Unknown said...

Got a new blog - preggiepurringcat.blogspot.com