02 February, 2009

best sporting moment.

Did anyone watch the Australian Open mens final yesterday? How was that for one of the best sporting moments of all time?

Even though we like Rafa, the husband and I are huge Roger fans, so we were very disappointed yesterday. But, that after match presentation just proved, that even though they are each others biggest rivals, what amazing gentlemen and sportsmen they are.

I think the world could do with a lot more of them around.

and yes Francois, I am talking sports on my blog, you can pick your chin up off the floor.


The Running Golfer said...

I could only watch the post match presentation today cos I was too heart sore yesterday.
But having watched it, I was completely blown away by Rafa`s humbleness. He knew how much Roger was hurting and never once made it about himself. I have so much respect for him after what he did yesterday.
Roger is still my man but I love Rafa too, we are truly blessed to be living in an era where we have the two best tennis players and the best golfer of all time. AND to cap it all they are all TOP HUMAN BEINGS too. Sport rocks!!!

Ps. Well done Hayley, I am very proud of you for doing a sport post.

allie. said...

It was an EPIC match!
And yes, a truly amazing experience to watch two such gentlemanly sport giants.
Lump in the throat stuff.

Of course, on a coarser note, I was torn between being thrilled that NZ beat the Aussies as well and feeling like it made our victory over them less

Aren't we spoiled for great sport!
(Have a feeling this last bit make more sense to the Energetic Golfing Guy than you, Hayley *g*)

Shayne said...

I missed it! Can you believe it. Wonder if it will be repeated anywhere?

David Richardson said...

Rafa showed great class and sportsmanship. I was impressed to read his remarks for his hurting competitor.

Good post, Hayley! :)

Rambler said...

It was fantastic... I've never felt so emotional during post-match speeches... it was hard to watch actually... Also more of a Federer fan, but Nadal's a great sportsman... amazing to watch!

Hayley said...

Hey Allie,

Nope I am a huge sports fan, so I am with you on the cricket aswell. Used to work with cricket (UCB), so I love it!

Hayley said...

Hey Shayne, oh i am sure it will be shown again, even if you just catch the after macth presentation on you tube...it must be there.

Hayley said...

I agree David, Rafa was amazing!

Hayley said...

It was hard to watch Rambler, my mom, sister and I were crying like babies!

Emily said...

great moment!
Thanks for my award friend:)
ur the sweetest and the best:)happy monday!

The Running Golfer said...

Hey Allie, the NZ / Aus series is a bit of a tough one for me. I really don`t mind the Aussies, in fact I respect them because they are wonderful sportsmen (Andrew Symonds excuded of course cos he`s just a chop). The NZ cricket side on the other hand are not such a cool bunch of guys. So I was a bit torn yesterday. I`m glad the Aussies lost because we don`t want them to build up momentum ahead of the tour to SA but I hate the fact that the Black Caps won, they annoy me intensely!

As you can tell, I love talking about sport, especially with someone who obviously knows her stuff too, like you!

And I must add, Hayley really knows her stuff when it comes to sport, another reason why I love her to bits!