01 January, 2009

upcoming plans.

As you know we are moving back to Joburg. And the first step starts tomorrow. Half of my family are driving back home on Friday, so I am following in Francois' car, then flying back on Saturday. I then spend my last week in Cape Town and fly back to Joburg the following weekend.

At the moment I am a complete mix of emotions! I have already shed a few tears about leaving Cape Town, yet I am very excited to get back to Joburg. On top of that, I am leaving my husband. We are not sure for how long, but the plan is to get the house packed up as soon as possible and for him to get up there. So hopefully it won't be to long.

So next week, I will be saying goodbye to this incredible place I have called home for two years...and a temporary goodbye to my husband...but it will be worth it in the end.

For now though, I am packing for a fourteen hour road trip back home...whoohoo!


Heidi W said...

Happy New Year, Hayley!

Moving is exciting and sad at the same time. Keep us posted! :)


Heather Nicole said...

Happy New Year Hayley, you are starting it off with BIG plans! I wish you safe traveling and pray that you and Francois will not be apart for long. Best wishes, Heather

Hayley said...

Thanks Heidi!

Hayley said...

Thanks so much Heather!