05 January, 2009

to my little sister.

This is a special birthday wish. It's to my little sister...she is my only sister, but I just like to through in the "little", just to remind her who is boss, she sometimes forgets and she thinks that she is in charge :-)

Seriously though, I am one lucky girl to have a sister like I do. We are complete opposites in so many ways and yet similar in many others. We laugh until we cry, we fight and argue, we have the best times together...she is truly my best friend.

Happy Birthday Lindsay!

You have grown-up to become an awesome woman, and an amazing mom and wife. You may be my little sister, but I certainly do look up to you.

Now don't go thinking you can use this post against me in all our arguments, you are still younger than me, and I am gonna pull rank...okay?

1 comment:

Ordinarylife said...

There is nothing better than a little sister!

I am also a fortunate (big)older sister.

Hope she had a good day.