19 January, 2009

interview me part two.

So this is part two of Interview Me, thanks to Simply-Mel for these questions.
Part one is here.

Question 2: How has blogging changed your life positively and negatively?
Answer 2: Oh this is an easy one. I only started blogging last year. The main reason was to keep family and friends updated on what was happening with us down in Somerset West. But then I discovered this whole world of incredible blogs. And I realised the family and friends were not that interested, except my Mom, I quiz her once a week on what has been on our blogs...he-he...the poor woman, is in a state every time...oh I love teasing her. Anyway, I have 'met' the most incredible people from all over the world, it amazes me how you get caught up in this community of people that you will never meet. That people across the world and right here in my home town are having the same issues as I am, that they actually care about you. I love blogging.

The only bad thing, is that I could spend every single hour of every single day, discovering and reading blogs. Thanks goodness the husband enjoys it as much as I do.

Question 3: Write your dream job description.
Answer 3: Okay, this is a bit more difficult. I have a few dream jobs, I know...its weird. So I am just going to list a few of them.

Interior designer. Game ranger. Kids room decorator. Kids party planner. Cupcake shop owner. Stylist. Buyer/Owner of a home decor shop. Vet. Love to open up a dog biscuit barkery. Owner of a Christmas shop.
Stay tuned for the last instalment.

Let me know if you'd like to play along and I'll send you some questions!
1. Leave me a comment saying interview me and your email address.
2.If you want to keep your email address private, email me your request to interview you hayleymalherbe@gmail.com
3. I will email you five questions.
4. Answer the questions on your blog.
5. Post rules on your blog with an offer to interview anyone else who emails you wanting to be interviewed.
6. Try and personalise the questions to the particular blogger.


Mel said...

Yay, I didnt have to wait that long afta all....cannot believe all your dream jobs...

a dog biscuit bakery? Crikey. That is either pure genius or sheer foolhardiness!

Shayne said...

Hi Hayley, nice to meet you. Your dream jobs are just divine (if i wasn't already a farmer's wife, which is apparently every women's "dream job"). Cupcake shop owner - how delish. Interior designer (currently studying to be one). Oh and i grew up in S'west. So i'll def be back.

Emily said...

I love your dream jobs!! So FUN:) I love your interview questions.. such a fun game.. where did you get this idea:) I want to play along!

{Candice} said...

Hayley, I think you & I are soulmates, or maybe even long-lost twins!!!
I could have SO written your list of dream jobs.
Perhaps we should go into business together & open a cupcake shop that also sells {pup}cakes & gourmet dog biscuits :o)

Jo said...

Ditto all the comments on the dream jobs, btw what do you do now? for a job that is.

Hayley said...

Hey Mel, I know, i think its foolhardiness...but I have everything planned out in my head..will never do it though!

Hayley said...

Hey Shayne, you grew up in Somerset Wesy, wow!
Which course are you doing? I did one a few years back, but would like to do more.
Thanks for popping by!

Hayley said...

Okay Emily, sending some questions your way!

Hayley said...

Oh Candice I think thats a great idea! Ieven have the cookie cutters ready for the dog buscuits and the recipe for pupcakes :-)

Hayley said...

Hi Joanne, I am in marketing.

Unknown said...

I also dream of being a vet in an alternative life, and I like the idea of owning a cupcake shop. Did you see the movie "Waitress" with Kerri Russell? Pie baker? Lovely.

Wenchy said...

I have been blogging on various sites for over a decade... and I've met incredible people, helped people judging by mail I get, had lotsa fun... is all good!