20 January, 2009

goose bump stuff.

Okay, okay, okay....I know if I mention how much I love the USA one more time on this blog, none of y'all are coming back.
But I just had to mention today's inauguration. How amazing was that? We sat glued to our seats. And it's not about who is President, or who is not. It's just everything about it, the tradition, the ceremony, the prayers, seeing all those people come together....it was goose bump stuff for sure.

Congratulations America!


Mel said...

Ho hum...this is one area we are very different. I like Barak as much as the next oke but didnt watch the inauguation. Apparently I am the only one though cos EVERYWHERE I GO the peeps are talking about it.

Am waiting for his biography...that will surely interest moi.

allie. said...

Hmm, must say, I thought about you, Hayley, during the process.

I also must say, I have never heard anyone with a gift of oratory like this man.
Its astounding.
And what a thrill to see him boldly proclaim his Christian faith through his choices today - in a world that normally falls over backwards to be politically correct.
I have new hope for prayers and bibles being allowed in schools in the USA

Keith said...

I unfortunately missed it, we were travelling back still. From what I heard on the radio, it must have been Amazing. I wish Barak the best of luck.

Frank J said...

I found his spech today a little less inspiring than the acceptance speech, where some rally profound statements were made.

None the less, it does give me hope that the Bush is no longer burning (his way across the world).

There's BIG changes brewing the world over and the US is in the thick of it.

God Bless the WORLD!

Janet said...

I was impressed too. The pomp and ceremony really is my best! I was impressed at his affection for his wife but more so, for the fact that he has undertaken to be accountable. Good choice - I hope!

Janine / Being Brazen said...

Im so with you on this one - i was glued to my seat watching too. Great speech by President Obama. There were a hectic amount of people there to see him. Goose bumps indeed.

David Richardson said...

The crowd size was amazing!

I wish President Obama well during his administration.

Hayley said...

Hey Mel, agree would love to read that book.

Allie, I am so impressed that you though of me...yay! I agree with you completely.

Hayley said...

Hey Frank, thanks for popping by my blog!

I do agree with you, I prefer the speech he did when he won. However, I think the one he did yesterday was excellent, he did not mince his words about what needs to be done, i think it was a reminder about the challenges that lay ahead.

Hayley said...

Oh i agree Janet, but dont you just love Michelle Obama, she is just so elegant!

jenn said...

Kind of sad because I live here and I didn't watch the inauguation. Not out of spite or anything, just because I was working. Plus I think I'm just tired of politics right now. I probably should have dvr'ed it and watched it later, but it's too late now.