10 January, 2009

goodbye cape town.

So, I am heading back to Joburg. And even though I am very excited to get back home, my heart is very heavy to say goodbye.

What I love and will miss about Cape Town.

The sheer beauty of the city. Cape Town is with out a doubt the most beautiful city in South Africa. The cold wet winters. Franschoek. Our little village of Somerset West. The winelands. Popping into our favourite wine estate for breakfast or lunch. Or spending the weekends discovering new ones. Strand beach. It is endless, and we have had so much fun there. V&A Waterfront. Yes, I know it's a tourist trap, but we love it there. My new work colleagues. Eating fish 'n chips at Mariners Wharf, Hout Bay. Kalk Bay. We take a drive to our neighbours across the bay at least once a month. Hillsong Church Cape Town. Ice-cream from Uncle Barry's in Gordons Bay. Canal Walk. Driving to Ceres to play in the snow. Hillcrest Berry Farm. The mountains. And no, not table mountain. The mountains I see from every bedroom when I look out. Concerts at Paul Cluver. Pizza and mussels at Miguels, Gordons Bay. Autumn. Having our friends and family coming to stay with us. Spotting the whales in whale season. Royale Eatery. For the best burgers in the land. Walking up Long Street. Stellenbosch. Our little house.

And that's just a few.

I am so lucky to have lived here, no matter how short it was. To all my Capetonian readers, you are so blessed to live here, never take it for granted. And for those who have never been, you are missing out. My husband always says that God took his time when he created the Cape....and I could not agree more.

Thanks for being my home. Till next time...


allie. said...

Ah Hayley, I know what you mean.

This part of the world is like a paradise.
But you are blessed in that you love Jbg too.

Maybe next time you are down here, the Cape Town blogger clan can meet up with you at one of your fav places?

Veronica said...

You were so lucky even to have lived there for a little while! I'd love to live there, but hubby's work is here- so we simply have no choice - and I love my house too! Gonna remember your 'fav's of CT' for new time I visit- so I'll check out your "recommendatons"! Good luck with the move.

Hayley said...

hey Allie, i think thats a great idea!

Hayley said...

I know Veronica, very lucky. Excited to get back to Joburg too though. We will just have to come back on holiday.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes - the fairest Cape! Need to get down there sometime! Savour every last moment! xx

Heather Nicole said...

geez, Im a little sad for you...I think I'M going to miss Cape Town:(

But I'm anxoius to here the things that you love about Joburg too!

Miller said...

It's going to be sad not being to be able to visit you in the Cape anymore, but like you say - back for holiday's definitely! I've been priviledged enough to visit the majority of those places you mentioned(with you and Francois), they truely are all special.

You'll both be back in Jo'burg in no time and that means one thing, exploring the special places that the inland has to offer.

Kylie said...

I've only spent about a week in Cape Town in my life but I LOVED it! It is the most beautiful place I have ever visited. But home is home... I live in a little not so pretty town in Central Texas and I LOVE IT! Cause it's home. I totally get it. I'm glad you get to go home :)