17 January, 2009

blogging friends.

Isn't amazing how connected you get to people through this blogging thing, people you will probably never get to meet. I find myself wondering how they are, if they haven't posted in a while, or you get so caught up in the lives. That for me is the best thing about this blogging thing.

Over the past few months I have been following Kelly's blog. Most of you probably read it already. Yesterday she went in to deliver her first baby, a little girl Harper. Little Harper is not doing well, you can follow the whole story on her blog.

So I thought, I would ask you all for a little prayer for Kelly and baby Harper. For someone we don't know, but who needs all the prayers they can get.


Anonymous said...

I read about her blog earlier today. I really hope that Harper gets home soon, poor mite

allie. said...

Yes, it is astonishing how connected we get, isn't it?

I crossed to Kelly's blog and read the last few days.
It is so sad to to see her joy turned upside down so suddenly but inspiring to read of her faith.
I will be joining all the others who are praying for the family

jenn said...

It is crazy how connected I feel to some of my blogger friends. I'll go check out the story on Harper.

Anonymous said...

I am praying for little Harper and little Brayden. Plus, I am praying for another newborn baby girl who is also on ECMO! I hope they all fight through this and all 3 sets of parents take home their precious bundles very soon. x

Hayley said...

Thanks girs.

Allie you are right, its amazing how her joy and excitement just so quickly and suddenly change. I suppose thats life hey?

allie. said...

Its Sunday evening.
I just popped in at Kelly's Korner - great news!
Go and have a look!

Hayley said...

Thanks Allie, it is good news.