30 December, 2008

well done south africa.

We were all up at 2 o'clock this morning, watching our national test cricket team beat Australia! And it was so worth it! First time ever that we have won a series down under. There is nothing like beating Australia isn't there?

Well done boys!


allie. said...

Didn't they do a fantastic job!
The whole country will be so proud of them
All-in-all an emotionally charged experience.

Anonymous said...

Hey, hey..... Graham and da boys!!! So, so, so, so , so proudly South African! The tide is turning me thinks... it's OUR turn to shine!!! ;- )

The Running Golfer said...

Go you good thing! I was awake before the alarm even had a chance to come on at 01:30 this morning! The boys did us proud, what an awesome day to be a South African!