20 December, 2008

tan lines.

It's been hot, like freakin' hot! And I know for you guys in the Northern Hemisphere, it's completely bizarre to be celebrating Christmas in boiling hot weather, but for us it's a typical Christmas holiday...yay!

Every December, I plan to get myself a decent tan. This year especially because I have an entire month...yes, it takes that long to get this body tanned.

So far....not so good. In total, I have spent four days, sweating and lotioning, expertly turning myself over at the exact time....and I have officially have....one red arm, bright red knees, sparkling white legs and red ankles. My other arm is a spectacular mixture of red and white!
On the brighter side, my feet are the perfect caramel colour brown I have been wanting....go figure!

I would post photo's, but I am wanting y'all to come back.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey - forget the sun! Bad for you, causes winkles and skin cancer! Go for the "tan in a can" - no sweating, no fly swatting - and NO TAN LINES! I recommend St Tropez!! Not your average shade of orange, but rather a lovely light golden brown that looks au naturelle on fair girls like us! xx