13 December, 2008

off to langebaan.

We are off to the Langebaan for three days. We are meeting up with two of our best friends, so we cannot wait. I have not been up the west coast in over ten years, if not more, so its going to be awesome.

Will be checking in, in a few days. Bye.


allie. said...

Lurv the West Coast!

Enjoy it and the time with special friends - great combo!

Travel safe - hope u gunna post there?

Hayley said...

Thanks Allie,

Nope, well i am going to try not too, trying to stay away from the computer for 3 days....just have no idea how??? think i am going o have withdrawals.

David Richardson said...

Have a great trip! Hopefully you can post more cool pictures when you return.

jenn said...

Have fun.

Emily said...

have a great time... i have missed your blog... was off work for a few days and just back and at it... miss ya!