02 December, 2008

just another random, boring post.

no need to read any further, unless you are very bored and have nothing ese to do.

Yes, it's been a while since my last post, but I really do have a lot of excuses...good ones.

Friday evening we had my companies yearend function, and in true Malherbe style, the husband and I were shattered for the rest of the weekend. One late night and that's it for us, so we spent the weekend lying around doing nothing...okay so that's not really a good excuse...but the next one is....

Our house is now officially on the market. Trust us to be selling at the worst possible time, but we have too. So, we have been cleaning and fixing, and our house is in tip-top condition....serious...I am sure it even twinkles like the adverts on TV.
We had our first show day today, and we got such good feedback, so here's hoping that it sells quickly.

Oh, and I have a new blogging friend, Brigitte....she has just started her blog, so please pop over and say hi...she is a big scrapping fan, so I will be sending her over to some of your blogs.
And to end this very random, boring post on a very exciting note...I have only eight days left of work, I cannot contain myself anymore, I have never looked forward to a holiday like this before...a whole month off. But, before I break the whole family is flying to Durban this weekend, to celebrate my Dad's 60th birthday. I cannot remember the last time I was in Durban (think it was for the millennium), so I am beyond excited.

And, that's me for now, hope you all have a great week...I promise to have something far more interesting to say next time.


Heather Nicole said...

Just what I needed! You have no idea how bored I am right now, lol. And I was wondering what happened to you anyway! Glad ur okay :)

Hayley said...

I am glad someone was worried and glad i sent you some entertainment :-)

Miller said...

Hey Hayley, I see your tree hasn'tt blow or been washed away. We hope your house sells soon so you and Faf can join us in Joburg soon!

The weekend is going to be a blast. Busy I think, but a good time for us all.

Anonymous said...

i thought of you all day yesterday! kept telling myself, i need to send hayley a happy december 1st note. you can see i never got to it...
so glad things are clicking into place for y'all. the house, the job, the holidays. of course you got good reports, i'm sure your christmas decorating is perfection. combined with the sparkling house, you'll have a buyer before you can bake another pie.
oh, and hayley, i got my loyalty discount card from restoration hardware. the online code to shop is RTCG118 for 20% off until dec 24th.
"please use this card as many times as you like" so start shopping if you can use it. discount is only on reg priced stuff, but still :)

Jo said...

All the best with the house.

Hayley said...

Thanks Mark, yip our little tree is still standing, if it survived this winter i think it will survive the rest.

Hayley said...

Hey Lisa, thanks so much for another great comment.
And THANKS SO MUCH for that card.
I actually found a company here in South Africa, that allows you to order from just about any shop in the US and they 'act' as your address, they then just send it on to us. So I might just be shopping up a storm!

Hayley said...

Thanks Joanne

Anonymous said...

*yawn*... :-)

you cannot have a riviting post every time. that would make us look bad.

Hayley said...

Thanks Jacki,

Hey did you see my suggestion on Mels comments about a Benoni Bloggers Braai....:-)

brigitte said...

hi mal, your blog or posts are definately entertaining. i am so glad you got me introduced and HOOKED on blogging.

i will definately keep in touch with you via blogging, here i am wanting to keep in touch with you but who says you want to be in touch with me, just don't forget, talking about the spider in the office everyday might get a bit boring, LOL.

have a lekker weekend and make sure you smile for the family photies.

Anonymous said...

Hi love can't wait to see you both this weekend. Feel a little sad to see the "for sale" sign up but cannot wait for you both to be back here.
See you soon. Love mom

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