12 December, 2008

feeling guilty.

The one thing I insist on doing every Christmas is sending out Christmas cards....you know the ones, you can actually touch them, and they come in this thing called and envelope and believe it or not you actually post them in this system called mail...I know very old fashioned, but no one does it anymore, so I make sure that I do.

Except this year, I just haven't had the time and now its way too late....shame on me.
And I am feeling very guilty....I have been telling myself that I am actually doing a good thing, because I am saving trees....but it's not working.

So, if you are sitting around excitedly waiting for our Christmas card and I know you all are, sorry to disappoint you, but please don't...it ain't coming this year!


Anonymous said...

I am with you on this one! I religously send christmas cards to all my friends every year! This year, I did too - although you got an email card, as I don't know your postal address!! xx
Do you know how many cards I have received so far this year? Real cards - ones you can touch and see, and that come via snail mail??
So far - 5! FIVE!!!! I am absolutely shocked and saddened! Not because "I" haven't got any cards, but because people just don't take the time to do things like hand write a card, stick a stamp on the envelope and then post it!In fact - you have just inspired me to write a post on this! Ta x

Unknown said...

I'm guilty of the exact same thing! I wanted to post to my pals in Durban, but now it's too late.

Hayley said...

Hey Kirsty, I am so glad you feel the same way...i thought I was the only one....dont worry I have a whole 1, and that was handed to me at work!

Hayley said...

Glad to hear I am not the only one!

Keith said...

I go with the fact of saving tree's.I was all set out do cards this year and guess what- I also have not done one single card. I think the e-mail story will have to do.

I have also found there are no great shake cards in the shops athe moment.

Hayley said...

Havent even looked at the cards in the shop either...jeepers i am getting behind.

jenn said...

Ever since Shiloh was born I've been doing photo Christmas cards. I'm still waiting for them to get here though, so they'll be going out late. Our church does a mailbox thing where you can just put everyone's card in a box at church. That saves on lots of stamps. Then I just mail cards to my relatives and a few friends.

Hayley said...

Hey Jenn, i must be honest I cannot wait to have kids, so that we can do the photo card thng....it just does not feel right doing it with just the two of us....but if it is anything like this year, i would need to start planning that in June.

Mel said...

I posted this comment on Kirty's blog a moment ago...so I repeat it here:)


I am a non-sender. Never have, and probably never will.

The Christmas cards I receive are usually your typical photo of the fam with Seasons Greetings ...
love from the Browns.

HUh? If we are seriously friends I will totally know what your fam looks like and we would have been in touch at LEAST twice during the year. With email, skype, facebook and blogging there is ABSOLUTELY no reason not to keep up with those you care about.

Sending cards to you 89yr aunt in New Zealand? I get that. Your high school buddies? Not so much.

I am all for others doing it and I LOVE getting newsletters from friends with pics and updates/stories about the year,but arb Xmas cards - the mass send out to everyone + me? Not so special, thanks.

But that is JUST ME. I would love to continue the art of LETTER WRITING and posting it in the mail. Am starting that with my kids. They think its totally novel!

PS Hayley: Taking photo cards when you have kids = VERY HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE. Cos you do this ONCE A YEAR and you dont want a butt-ugly photos so you primp and preen and yell and scream. It REALLY is better to stage Christmas when there is zero pressure, like say, in July??? LOL

Hayley said...

Hey Mel,

So funny, I have this idae about having the perfect family phpt shoot with kids...mysister just laughs at me and say "ja right'

I actually only sen dout about 10 (at the most), to family overseas and to close friends we wont see over Christmas, I refuse to spend money on cards for family I see all teh time or random friends either....in fact I dont even buy birthday cards....but thats another post.

allie. said...

Hmm - haven't sent cards for as long as I can remember.

You wanna know why?

I still remember the reason I gave it up: I saw that for a lot of people (not you, or ANY of your commenters, of course!) Christmas card sending had become another "one-up-manship" area.

You know how it goes: I send my cards REALLY early, making sure my return address is visible, so that you have time, and all the info you need to send me one back.

Then if you don't, you are crossed off my list for next year - and so the game would go on.

The prize?

To have the most cards strung up in a prominent position in the lounge.

"Look how popular we are"

Good grief!
That does oound cynical but seriously thats what was happening.

So just about all my generation has bailed on the idea.

Except to aged aunty fanny overseas - she gets a phone call

Hayley said...

Hey Allie, i am not sure what it is about me and christmas cards, because when i get them they lie around, i dnt even put them up, i think itsmore the tradition/ritual, i remember sitting with my mom as a little girl writing them out and helping her, it was like the start of Christmas - maybe thats why?

Anonymous said...

is the mail slow there?
here at least, it's not too late. are you hand-making these cards with lovely personal letters inside?
at least try to send to your closest & best, those who so look forward to hearing from you. just do one, and see how it feels?
you will bless them more than you know. especially since this is a dying art/ tradition.
don't pressure yourself, but try one or two, hayley. you've got 2 weeks, more or less.
or start a new tradition and the week before new years, write to those you treasure, telling them what the year has meant to you, including their friendship. when life got busy w/ 3 kids, that's what i shifted to.
whatever you do, no more guilt. this is a very different christmas for y'all, so just go with the flow :)

Kylie said...

I am still waiting on getting my Christmas cards printed so I can send them. So it's not too late! Or, you could send New Years Cards!

Brooke & Freeland said...

oh I think its just perfectly fine! And youre just being more "green" by saving tree's .. and the gas to deliver all the cards.. and money.. the list could go on!

Im thinking you arent the only one too because half of my friends are doing the same thing! And you have a blog - isnt the point of christmas cards to say "merry christmas" and update everyone .. well - you do that here so problem solved! Hope you have a great trip! Brooke