31 December, 2008


Wow, I cannot believe it is the end of 2008. Does every year go by faster and faster, or is it just me?

2008 was not the best year for us and for our family. But you know what, even when the worst things happen, there are always other things to celebrate...and hey, I firmly believe the tough times make your stronger.

Thank you to our families and friends who have been with us every step of the way, thanks for your prayers, your support and for just being there for us.

Then there was you guys, yes you, the people that come visit this little blog every now and again. I know it's nothing exciting or in anyway life-changing, but it's important to me. I love blogging. I love reading other peoples blogs {my husband says that it's just because I am nosey}. I have 'met' the most incredible, interesting and funny people from all over the world and right here in my backyard. Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it more than you know.

So, that's it...we are all saying a fond farewell to 2008...

I have a strong feeling that even though 2009 is going to tough, it's going to be a good one...no, in fact, a great one!

2009 here we come!


allie. said...

Fabulous pic for the year end!

Ja, I know what you mean about the blogging community - they become special, don't they?

Here's to a great 2009 for us all!

Hayley said...

Thanks Allie!

They certainly do, like real friends.

Hope you have a fantastic New Year!

jenn said...

Happy new year! And I love that picture too. It's great.

Heather Nicole said...

Thank you Haley! I just love that picture. Im guessing that was part of your photo shoot on the beach!

Have a safe and wonderful New Years!

PS - I heart your blog :)

Hayley said...

Thanks Heather!
Yip it was part of the shoot.

Hayley said...

Thanks Jenn

Veronica said...

What a wonderful photograph! (I think I might try doing the same someday soo if it's ok with you! :O) ) And I love your blog - gorgeous design!!!! Definately one of my fav's!

Hayley said...

Hey Veronica!
Thanks for the compliment not my handiwork though)...and absolutely..go ahead.