16 November, 2008

last but not least.

And you thought I was done introducing you too my family. Nope one more to go...this post is all about this pretty lady...

This is my Mom-in-law and I had the privilege to know her for three years and the honour to call her my Ma for two of those years.

Francois' Mom immigrated to New Zealand, to live with his sister and her family, so it was very difficult to stay in touch...but not my Mom-in-law. Every single day, without fail, whenever we both got to work, there would be an email waiting for us, just telling us about her day, what her grandchildren had gotten up too and just general stuff.
Thinking back too then , I think I took those emails for granted, because now we miss them so much. It was through those emails that I got to know her and love her.

Our time was short, but I am so grateful for the few times we got to spend with her, for the fun times we had, for the best meatball recipe ever (seriously and I can prove it), for accepting me into her family with open arms and most especially for giving me a man that I am so proud to call my husband.

I have only one regret... that my children will never get to meet their Ouma. But I promise to tell them stories and show them photo's and let them know what an awesome lady she was. I know she will know them, 'cause she will be looking down over them.

The reason I am posting this today, is because it is her birthday. So, today we are celebrating her life (I will have a glass of wine for you Ma), and I know she is celebrating with the angels (dancing to Elvis of course).

Ons is baie lief vir jou Ma.


Unknown said...

That is wonderful and so touching. You're lucky to have had a good relationship with her! I'm sure she is touched by your post.

Hayley said...

Thanks Kitty!

Emily said...

what a wonderful tribute to her life:) love getting to know your family!

David Richardson said...

Sounds to me like God has blessed you with some meaningful relationships in your life. That's great, Hayely. I'm happy for you. :)

Heather Nicole said...

That is a very sweet post.
Ouma, does that mean grandmother?

Hayley said...

Thanks Heather,

Yip, its the Afrikaans word for Grandmother, directly translated to reads 'Oldmother'
Francois first language is Afrikaans, he comes from an Afrikaans, hence our wierd sounding surname - which I even battle to pronounce :-).

As I am said...

Hi Hayley .... just a comment re: the comment you left Jenn about Jodi Picult's books. I totally judge a book by it's cover as well. If the cover doesn't stand out I won't touch it. That being said. Try reading My Sister's Keeper. That book will make you love her writing style you should be wanting more. Take care