23 November, 2008

i baked.

This is a very quick post, just to let you all know that I actually baked this weekend....yes, nothing exciting seen as though I have baked a million cookies and cupcakes before, but the rest of my baking is not so sha-na-na....which is why I am so impressed with myself and hence this post.

First up was a banana loaf. We had four over ripe bananas, as I tossed them into the bin, I happened so say out loud (stupid me), that Martha, would never do that, she would have made something with those. Before the words had left my mouth, the husband was nodding with glee, telling me that his favourite thing is banana loaf. So you guessed it, I made my first banana loaf, it was okay, for the first time...think I can do better next time.

Then seen as though Thanksgiving is coming up, I decided to try my hand at a pumpkin pie. How easy is it...okay, we have not tasted it yet, but it looks and smells awesome y'all!

I think my husband is in housewife heaven, and my waist line is about to get even bigger...oh well....hang-on....bananas and pumpkins are vegetables, aren't they....yes....that's right....who said dieting was difficult?

UPDATED: My little sister has kindly pointed out to me, that in fact a banana is a fruit....thanks Lindsay....which is still healthy though!


Mel said...

Good on ya girl.

I have been baking up a storm lately .... banana loaf, cakes, cupcakes, butternut/bacon pie...I comment here ... I do not share this on my blog....people may get the WRONG impression ya know?

Hayley said...

LOL!!!! Damn you're right!

I am impressed!!!!

Anonymous said...

A banana is actually a fruit!

Hayley said...

LOL!!!!!!! Oh my word, you are right....how emabarrasing....trust my little sister to make me look like a fool :-)

Anonymous said...

ok - not to steal your thunder .... but I made lemon meringue ICE CREAM today ..... I think Ri is still in shock....how domesticated is that for a hip-hopper!

Hayley said...

Okay seriously Sal, this is my blog and if you want to brag you can start your own...you are making me look bad here ;-)

Seriously though I am bloody impressed...it will dampen your hip hopper image, but no need to worry, your moves will more than make up for it.

Janine / Being Brazen said...

impressive :)

I need to bake more

Heather Nicole said...

mmm sounds yummy! I love banana loaf.

Anonymous said...

wow, hayley
tell francois a lot of folks love pumpkin pie so much, they have it @ breakfast too.
banana *bread* is what we call it in the south, and there are some good & some bad recipes out there. you are brave to foray into the wilds.
wanta try a fresh apple cake next? it'll make you weak in the knees it's so good, and still hey, made with fruit.
i like your plan of healthy eating/ baking now, with fruits and vegetables, so that when christmas comes, you can say yes, please to chocolate! you've been virtuous thru november, right? :)
do y'all really cook our pilgrim foods for thanksgiving? what's your favorite?
i've been baking ginger cookies with lemon glaze, and just now i'm taking a break from seeding pomegranates. LOVE 'EM
word verification is mismas - what i've made of this post! sorry for the long comment!

The Running Golfer said...

It was awesome! Nigella who?

jenn said...

I'm impressed. I only cook because I have to (to feed myself and Shiloh without gaining a billion pounds from fast food) and I don't bake. I don't have time and if I do have extra time, I don't want to be baking. Maybe this is why I'm single? Haha.

Hayley said...

hey Lisa, yip we actually call it banana bread here too, for some reason, I called it 'loaf' on my blog.

nope we dont do anything at all about thanksgiving, I was just inspired to cook a pumpkin pie, i have been dying to for a while so used thanksgiving as an excuse.
Would love to see what foods you guys make for thanksgiving?

Emily said...

yipeee for you friend for cooking:)
How was the pumpkin pie??
I am brining green bean casserole and this cheesey corn dish and pumpkin pie to my inlaw for turkey day:) hope they all turn out:)

Hayley said...

Hey Jenn, I used to be like that aswell...something changed though, thats why this is so impressive :-)
Love baking and cooking now.

Hayley said...

Hey Emily, pumpkin pie was awesome and so easy to make....guess I am making that again.
Hope you have an awesome thanksgiving!!!!!
And enjoy the car!