03 November, 2008

crazy folk?

I think we might just be the crazy people on our street!

On Saturday morning we woke up to find my husbands car vandalised...yes vandalised..can you believe it? Some one had thrown building sand on top of his car and through the sun roof, as well as putting bricks behind his car wheels. You can see some pictures here. As you can imagine we were very upset, we are sure it was some kids out trick or treating. Which makes me wonder, do you think we are those crazy folk that you see getting toilet papered etc on the movies during halloween? Oh my word, I think we might be!

Come to think of it, my car was parked right next to my husbands and nothing was done to mine...so that makes him the crazy person...some one else agrees with me...finally!


The Running Golfer said...

you`re nuts

Mel said...

Every street has to have a coupla crazies!

Hayley said...

But does it have to be us?

allie. said...

You've been tagged!
Check allie's Random and Weird of a couple of days ago.

If you've done it before, I'm sure you can come up with some new stuff :-)

Unknown said...

Geez, that is crazy! Must've been frustrating.