01 October, 2008

This is what keeps me up at night.

Yes, that is a leaf you are looking at, and yes that has been what has been keeping me up at night. Not the bills that need to be paid, or how the hell I will ever lose weight...it's the tree in my front garden. Ridiculous I know!

The tree in question is a Burnt Amber, my pride and joy (yes, I know it's time for kids!). I have always wanted a huge tree in my front garden and specifically one that turns with the season. So last December, my Dad and his wallet went up to the local nursery and bought us the tree. To say he spent a small fortune on it, will be an understatement, who knew trees could be so expensive!

That was last summer, autumn followed (obviously) and of course the tree lost all its leaves. So now I have been anxiously waiting for the new leaves to appear. The tree took no notice that spring officially started a month ago, because there has been nothing, zero, zip, zilch. Our neighbour up the road, has the same tree, just slightly bigger, and I have been driving past slowly every morning to see how far his tree is coming along (oh my word, I am spying on my neighbours tree!). But this is very serious, if my tree dies, I am the one who will be explaining to my Dad, that the tree he spent a small fortune on, lasted a whole three months under my watch and more importantly, I love my tree.

Monday morning, as I took my usual slow drive past the neighbours, there it was, a brand new leaf on their tree...buggers! So, I over the last two days I have been inspecting our tree very closely, and today I spotted the new leaf! Yes, one brand new leaf! Thank goodness, I am so relieved, the tree lives! And now I can sleep, no more worries about the tree. I will now just have to find something else to worry about.

Yes, I know I have written an entire post about my tree...things are slow this week...

Oh by the way, did everyone else notice that it is October already? Can this year possibly go any quicker?


The Running Golfer said...

We used to have a show here in SA called "Agter elke man" and one of the characters was called "Stienie". She was the gossip of the neighbourhood who knew everything about everybody else and "spied' on her neighbours.

I`m just saying...

Mel said...

I remember Stienie!!!

For future reference...so you can sleep at night...if you scratch the upper bark (epidermis I call it) of a tree and its green underneath....well you know its alive.

I know this cos I kill most plants, trees etc. I learnt early to sommer scratch the surface and then ditch the plant.

Glad you very expensive tree is bloooming. Maybe spring really is coming? maybe>>>

Oh and thanks for you lovely comment on my blog. That long jersey hides a multitude of sins (and evidence of children borne!)

Anonymous said...

i'm getting a little worried about you. a tree-stalker. what, the local celebrities not interesting enough?

i have a fever tree that totally has no right to be in benoni, gauteng. and it makes me suffer each year for making it live here.

Hayley said...

i know its scary right. You see I am used to celebs like Charlize when I am in benoni (sorry use that 'Charlize' line all the time), so it does not compare.

The Running Golfer said...

Isn`t Vernon Koekemoer from Benoni?