23 October, 2008

groot nuus.

Yip, we have big news...well it's big to us. As mentioned in my last post,a lot has been happening in the Malherbe house.

We are moving back to Joburg.

Yip, after being in Cape Town for just about a year and a half we are heading back. It was not an easy decision to make, but we know it's the right one. A while back we decided that if nothing new had happened on my husband's job then we would make a decision about going back at the end of they year. But the company I work for is opening up an office in Joburg, so we decided to let them know that we were thinking of moving back and they offered me a job up there straight away. It is was opportunity I could not turn down, and it made the decision for us. I am so thankful to them, and the new job is going to be very exciting.

We have a hectic few months ahead of us, selling our house, packing, moving again, but we are very excited.
And the best thing of all is that we will be with our family and friends again, and that is the best news of all.


lisa said...

oh my word!
seems like the wedding was the crystallising factor? how much you missed everyone!
congrats on a new position too. did you keep your old place, or will you go somewhere new when you move back?
so much to think about & do; what's your timeline?
i'm so happy for you both, and of course for all the loved ones who've been missing you :)

Sally J_wife of Space J said...

I am so so so so so excited to get our bestest buddies back in Joburg!!! Not to mention Mia's crazy aunt and uncle. Good luck for the move xxx

Hayley said...

Hey Lisa, thanks for the great message.
We sold our house in Joburg, so we will be looking for a new one - love house shopping, so I have no problem with that (besides the money of course!)
We will be up permanently in Jan, will have to travel for work before then, but thats okay, one of those things.

Hayley said...

Hey Sal,

You see it was that damn kid of yours, way too cute, we just had to come back :-)

Mom said...

What can I say Love. The bestest news every. Love mom

Anonymous said...

You of course know what I think. I have been secretly wanting it for about...1 and half years now!!!! It wasn't a selfish thought I know!!
Love Kerri

Hayley said...

its so that you can use my Martha cook book hey Kerri....admit it :-)

Hayley said...

and my Kid Rock CD!

Miller said...

Great news! It is going to be awesome having you back home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mia said...

Im just as glad that your coming back! Cant wait to see you more often! x

Heather Nicole said...

Great for you guys. I am so happy, I know you both really wanted this! I wish you all the best of luck in your move.