21 October, 2008

an early Christmas gift.

I have been such a bad blogger. Things have been hectic here in the Malherbe household, but that is another post coming soon.

I did however manage to score myself an early Christmas gift from my husband. Yes, everyone I got a copy of Nigella Christmas - sorry Mel, I know this does not excite you, you will have to skip this post :-)
But I am so excited, the book is beautiful. There is even a chapter called 'Joy to the World', my favourite classic carol. I mean how perfect can you get?

I am doing all I can not to put up my Christmas tree, even though my husband has said I could - just to stop me whining about it. I also dragged him through all the Christmas decorations at Woolworths on Sunday, so at this stage I think he is just trying to get me to shut up.

Christmas cannot come fast enough.


Kylie said...

I was just thinking this week how excited I am for Christmas! I've gotta get my hands on one of those books!

allie. said...

Oh Hayley!
So glad you got a gift that blows your hair back, girl!
Afaid I'm with Mel here, though - that pretty book means work-in-the-kitchen - far, far away from my fav thing to do.

But you enjoy - and I bet your CHristmas dinner is going to be a feast!

The Running Golfer said...

Sweetie, I love you very much but NOTHING can get you to shut up... :)

Mel said...

Your kids are gonna love you madly one day....a mama who starts doing all things Christmas in OCTOBER!!!

You make me smile, you are truly just like a big kid!

And the book may not excite me but I willingly join you in your glee at receving it SO EARLY.

Happy cooking chick!

Heather Nicole said...

You are such a lucky girl, dontcha just LOVE early Christmas gifts!

I cannot wait to get this
... Fabulous ...

PS - you should try out a recipe and write us a post about it!

Jo said...

Hi, hopped over from Mel. Sorry to hear you are off back to Joberg. We have been here almost 5 years and I know we would be better off financial there, but I just couldnt I love it here so much. How is the book? I love love love Nigella but I was a little disappointed with Nigella Express?