30 October, 2008

a birthday party.

Here are just some photo's from my nephews fourth birthday party. As you can see Cars was the theme. It was held at the local traffic training school (for children), so each kid was asked to bring along their bike...they had a ball!
Happy birthday Devon!


Watson World said...

WOW!! Those are great pictures.. What a neat party idea and I just LOVE the cake..

Hayley said...

Thanks Kandi...and the cake tasted just as good!

Kevin said...

You made the cake? That is awesome.

Unknown said...

Yes, awesome cake! Wow. That looked like a fun party! Wish I was 4 again!

David Richardson said...

Wow! That is too cool.

There's something about "Cars" and little guys. My 3 year old boy wore out our DVD of that movie. I must confess, however, I liked that movie too.

Looks like you all had a fun party.

Thanks for sharing the pictures.

I needed a good "feel good" post today.


Hayley said...

Hey Kevin, very tempted to take the credit...but I wont!

Brooke & Freeland said...

SOOOO CUTE! Looks like an amazing birthday party!