02 October, 2008

a big weekend ahead.

Yip, we are heading home...uh...I mean back to Joburg for the weekend.
We are so excited!

Friday night, we are staying over at Kerri and Dale's, which means that my husband, Kerri and Dale will all be fully dosed in wine by 10h00, and I will be sitting there thinking how on earth I met these people.

Saturday we are heading off to a friends wedding, and catching up with a whole lot of other friends we haven't seen in over a year. We are spending the night at Sally and Riaans. This time both Sally and I will be sitting there trying to figure out how we married these two men.

Sunday we are heading over to the family. Which means more wine for my husband. The more I think about it,the more hectic this weekend is going to get.

Mmmmm....I sense some good pictures coming up - time to get back at the husband.

Hope you all have a good weekend!


Anonymous said...

BRING-IT-ON! Hope you have been practising your running-man dance. Look forward to lots of conversations I wouldn't dare to have with anyone else!

Hayley said...

Sally-J!!!! Well its about damn time!!!
Dont worry I have a whole new set of moves, been practising all week.
See you Sat!

Heather Nicole said...

hahaha...cant wait for the pictures! Have a great time and be safe.

Anonymous said...

It was great seeing you!