18 August, 2008

Where do we belong?

My blog is turning into one of those blogs that I hate! You know the ones that never ever get updated, I am starting to annoy myself intensely. So I apologise, I promise to do better. Of course, I have a million excuses, the main one being that I was away this weekend.

Yip, we spent another awesome weekend up in Joburg with the family. It was my nephew’s christening, and the husband and I are the very proud Godparents. I adore Christenings/Baptisms/Blessings, for me it’s such a special moment and even more so when we are a part of it.

So besides eating from the moment we landed in Joburg....actually from the time by bum hit the airplane seat (for some reason no matter how full I am, I am always compelled to eat on a plane, I load my handbag with sweets and insist on buying something from the trolley – weird?), we were very busy.

It is always difficult trying to divide our time between friends and family when we go back. But this weekend we managed to squeeze in a visit to two of our best friends, as well as spend quality time with the family.

When we decided to move to Somerset West, it was really a no brainer, the only big issue was leaving behind our family and our friends. As I have gotten older, I have realised how important my family is, yes they drive me bonkers and I know I can irritate the crap out of them, but that’s the beauty of family, it does not matter, they are always there, always. I have also learnt to appreciate them more, my husband lost his Mom and Dad, and his sister and her family live in NZ, so I see how badly he misses them.
The other issue was our friends. Once again as we have gotten older our group of close friends has gotten smaller, but we are lucky to have the most incredible friendships, you know the kind? The ones where you can talk about anything, and trust me we do, the ones where there are no issues and everything is just easy. To be honest, I knew we would miss our friends, I just never realised how much and how much they are a part of our lives.

Moving to the Cape was something we wanted to do, it was going to be our little adventure, just the two of us. And it certainly has been, we love it here, and I think Francois and I have also gotten closer. The lifestyle is amazing and I cannot wait to bring up children here.

But since this last weekend, I am starting to question which is more important... is it where we live and the lifestyle we lead.....or is it about the relationships we make?

Yes, I know Joburg is just a two hour flight away, but seeing my nephews with my parents and the incredible bond they have, seeing all of my sister and brother-in-law’s friends turn out to celebrate their sons christening and especially seeing our friends, who often get pushed to the end of the visiting list when we go back for a weekend, has really made me start to ask....where do we belong?


The Running Golfer said...

Awesome post Sweetie, I wish I could help but I`m as "deurmekaar" as you...

Miller said...

Home is where the heart is...

Mel said...

This is a *big* one for me. Many (more times than I can count) opportunities have arisen for us to relocate overseas or back to Jhb. And often the rewards have been extremely attractive.

After years of scrutiny and contemplation I have come to the conclusion that my heart is for my family. I want to be with them - I want my kids to be around them. To be with their grandparents. Aunts. Cousins. There is an indescribable bond betw my kids and their cousins.

Life is TOTALLY about relationships and our connections with each other. I am NOT discounting friendships at all but for me - my family is first and foremost. If they all bugger off we will have to follow them!!

Then again, I have a remarkable, incredible family. Not everyone has that joy.

I think when you begin your family you may have some big decisions to make! But God knows....he aint confused!