08 August, 2008

Techno savvy boy?

So since my last post, I am now without a phone!

My dear husband, who, after mocking me, decided to take it upon himself to upload some facebook application to my phone, as I was obviously completely wasted on the phone, and not using it to its full potential!
In the process it has restored itself back to the factory settings (the phone, not the husband), so yes, it is now BLOCKED, as in COMPLETELY BLOCKED, we cannot use it at all. We bought it unblocked so that we could use it in South Africa, now I have no idea how we are gonna get it fixed....maybe I should try that white cordy thingy again, it sorted out my problem yesterday?

Not so savvy after all?


The Running Golfer said...

Guilty as charged.....

If anybody out there knows how to hack an Iphone, your input would be greatly appreciated.

Kevin said...

Can't help. Good luck though. Lesson learned.

The Running Golfer said...

Thanks Kevin, I need the luck cos I obviously have no technical ability to fall back on!

David Richardson said...

I don't have an Iphone, but those things look really cool!

Good luck in getting it fixed. I'll bet francois will come through and make it work again.


Anonymous said...

You have an iphone? That to me, is like announcing that you miraculously lost 25kg, by not dieting, and just got new boobs. I.e. I'm VERY JEALOUS!

Being a Mac NUT, an iPhone is HIGH on my list of priorities. Only, I'm forcing myself to wait until we're finally in Aus before getting one - because we have so many other things to save for, i.e. airfare!! First. Dang.