29 August, 2008

Mouse in our house!

We have a mouse in our house. The second one this year! Damn things!

It's under our couch, the couch that my husband sits on. I tried to get it out. I say 'I', because my husband stood on the other side of the room, with a broom in hand (batting his long eyelashes) instructing me to move the couch left and then right. The little bugger is still there, so, my husband, and his eyelashes, are now curled up (yes, feet up)on my couch.
What ever happened to being a girl?

Anyway, there is one hell of a storm heading in here today, so we are locking ourselves in and staying under the covers.

Mouse update: The mouse is gone. My husband scared him off with those lashes of his.

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The Running Golfer said...

My keen sense of anticipation played a major part in getting the mouse to voluntarily leave the house.
I sat feet up, as you quite correctly point out, and watched as he came out from behind the couch. He did not bat an eye, which confirmed my suspicions about the dangerous nature of this rodent. While still looking at me, in a very condascending kind of way, he walked non-chalantly towards the patio door. Upon reaching said door, he stood looking at me for about 5 minutes. It was a tense stand off, I did not stand back, although I did not stand forward either.
Then, my keen sense of anticipation kicked in and I moved my eyelash! That scared him, yip, I saw fear. He ran outside and I jumped, gazelle like, over the coffee table and closed the patio door.
Francois and his lashes to the rescue.