22 August, 2008

Man down!

Yip, the husband and I are man down, sick, sick , sick.

Like ‘cough up a lung kinda sick’

So, our house is so not a fun place to be at the moment. I am even considering cancelling my hair appointment this afternoon...yes, it is THAT serious people!

So, my blog might be a bit quiet for a while...


Have a good weekend!


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you're feeling 'crook' :)

I just had a little episode too that I'm just getting over...not FUN.

The Running Golfer said...

Please bring me some soup... cough, cough....

David Richardson said...

I hope you two feel better soon. :)

allie. said...

Ag NO, Hayley!
Shaaaame man. . . .

Just been there with MM
NOT fun
For him, either

Hope there are people around who will pamper you

Hayley said...

Hey guys thanks for the wishes, I HATE being sick! And having a sick man at ho, is NOT helping matters :-)

Hope you have a good weekend!

Miller said...

Maybe it is because you can't handle the pace in Joburg anymore.Just kidding! hope the two of you feel better soon.
Maybe it is all the crap in the air in Joburg.