25 August, 2008


Just like Mel today, I am having a seriously bad day. It's been a typical Monday!

Firstly, I am still sick. Much, much better than the weekend though. Got myself off to the doctor this afternoon, which is a miracle in itself, and he gives me a damn injection! My one and only visit to the doctor in years and he gives me a damn injection (IN THE BUTT!)...no wonder I never go.
So now, I am at home in bed doing some work. Yes...really...proper work-work.

Secondly, with prescription in hand I head off to the pharmacy to get my prescribed, ridiculously expensive medicine. While waiting, I start having a coughing fit, like a serious coughing fit. I could not stop. The pharmacy I go to is in the middle of a supermarket. So there I am, tears running down my face (which becomes mascara), red in the face trying to signal to one of the ladies behind the counter to pass me a glass of water. I wanted to die of embarrassment. I finally managed to pull myself together and left without getting any of the extra stuff I needed.

Thirdly, I just had to deal with some work stuff over the phone, there was some misunderstanding. I hate having to deal with things like that over the phone and away from the office, and I know it's gonna worry me all night. Things like that do. I hate being away from work, I would rather sort things out there.

AND, while I am on the phone, sorting out the work thing, I run out of air time...aaaaargh! So I had to hop in the car, speed like mad, recharge and call the guy back - all while still coughing up my one lung and having a sore butt!

Seriously, I should just be at work!

Hope your Monday is better than mine...and Mel's :-)


Mel said...

Oh heck - yours wins the crappy Monday award hands down!

Feel better soon; and hang onto that last remaining lung of yours.

Kylie said...

Hi Hayley! Thanks for your comment on my blog. I don't know how the comment thing is supposed to work, like if I should comment on yours or back on mine :) but I chose yours!
I'm sorry you're sick. My son is throwing up today... nice, eh? He's only two so it's been interesting :(
Anyway, I was wondering how you found me... did you know I used to live in Namibia? Or know people that I know in Cape Town? Small world!! :) We do love South Africa SO much and feel like Cape Town is the most beautiful place in all of the world- trying to plan a time to bring my family back over there!

Emily said...

Hope you start to feel better soon hayley.. Glad u found my blog:) I really enjoyed readin your blog today and I know I will be back often:) Hope you start to feeling better and hope you monday gets better;)

Miller said...

Hope you feel better soon. The jab in the butt usually works as you don't want to go back for another!

Monday is now almost over, so not much more can go wrong. I'll be interested to read Faf's blog tomorrow if you manage to get into a coughing fit in the middle of the night.

Speak to you soon.

Anonymous said...

No seriously, you need to pull the duvet over your head, take as many drugs as you can and go off to la la land. For at least 48 hrs.

If your job is anything like my job in travel USED to be like, then I totally understand if this would make you feel worse...

But still - your body is telling you to rest! Make sure your head starts listening too!

I was up from 1am this morning playing pingpong between my coughing toddler and my baby who is perfectly healthy, but just wanting to play and yell. So two cups of coffee later and my lids are still on matchsticks.

Hayley said...

Thanks Ness, i think teh injection worked though, I am feeling heaps better.
Hope your little one gets better soon!