06 August, 2008

It's official!



So after a year of living in the Cape, I have finally changed my number plates. I am very sad! And I know every Capetonian is now wondering 'why?'... I don't know, I kinda liked driving around with my Gauteng plates, even though I knew I was been sworn at by all you Cape Town people....yes I know it was you!
It's kinda like an end of an era, and its made it really official that I am living here now.


David Richardson said...

Congrats on the plates!

I'm a pastor in the United States, and I learned about your blog by checking out your husband's blog.

I hope the two of you enjoy life in South Africa. One of my best friends is a pastor who was born and raised in South Africa. I think he spent the first 20 years of his life near Johannesburg. One day, I'm hoping to go with him to visit South Africa.

Anyway, God bless you and your husband! :)


Miller said...

Congrats Sister! Now remember where you park your car in the parking lot otherwise you may not recognise it.

Anonymous said...

Well thanks for 'outing' yourself :) and thanks for saying hello! AND, as it turns out welcome to the Cape Lol.

Feel free to send that photo, I'm having a lot of fun with the ones I've already been sent...there were some shockers though!

Mel said...

Welcome girl! Not all Capetonian diss the Vaalies....I married on after all. But dragged him back to CT as soon as I could. (I spent 6yrs in Edenvale)