12 August, 2008

It's good being a girl...sometimes!

So yesterday, at 17h00, I rush out of work, only to find, and I am even embarrassed to to say this, but I had left my lights on! I never do things like this!
Needless to say, my car battery was dead, and on top of it, I had offered to drop one of my senior managers off at the mall. So obviously had to now inform him of my situation...great career move there, he must be thinking 'genius!'....aaaarrrrgh!

Anyway, without even thinking, I phoned the husband! It's sometimes good being a girl. I put on my sweetest and best little girl voice, because I was expecting to be completely crapped on! But, can you believe it, he just laughed and said he would be right over, without moaning once!

So my knight in shining armour arrived and we attempted to jump start the car. I say attempted because, we could not find the battery in his car, we stood there staring at the engine for a few minutes wondering what where the hell it was. We had to whip out the car manual and follow the instructions (Sorry Dale, I know you are probably cringing here). To be fair, its completely different in his car, we were both dumb founded! Oh and I discovered that my car bonnet has a nifty little thingy that holds up the bonnet...how about that! And I got to use my cute little emergency car kit, that I have kept in my car forever, for the first time!

Anyway, it turned out alright in the end. It's nice sometimes to just pick up the phone and have someone sort out your problems. It's good being a girl...sometimes!

PS Just to let you know, my car was dead again this morning. So I had to get my knight in shining armour out of bed. I think I am starting to push my luck :-)


The Running Golfer said...

The knight in shining armour is slowly losing patience..... :-)

David Richardson said...

Hayley - Though you and my wife live in different corners of the world...and though you and my wife have never met...you girls are a lot alike! Ha! Ha!

Oh well, at least francois came through. What a good guy!

Hey, I put up a link on my blog that will lead people to your blog. This means you may start getting more traffic from Americans. I hope that's a good thing and it helps you make some good friends from over here. Of course, if they start driving you insane, let me know and I'll remove the link. :)

Have a good day...and don't forget to turn off the lights. :)