31 August, 2008

I heart cupcakes

So we have been locked up indoors the whole weekend, due to this massive storm we are having. Seriously, I have not seen another moving body besides my husband, I think everyone is doing the same thing. So, that only means one thing in our house...eat! Yip, and that is all we have been doing. And eating lots of these...

I love cupcakes, anything to do with cupcakes. So I decided to whip some up. They are not decorated that well (didn't want to waste good eating time), but they taste damn good!

Aaaah, I heart cupcakes!

And just because I am starting a massive diet tomorrow, I am off to make my Mom-in-Law's famous meatballs, just to get that one last meal in.


The Running Golfer said...

I heart your cupcakes..... ;-)

Mel said...

Please share your recipe - my kids are cupcake verskrik. I dont want to make box ones...and also my icing is ick. Yours looks so yummy...!

Yup, I am still in my pjs (6pm) - I havent so much as put my big toe outdoors today. Been luverly actually!

Levi is less impressed with the weather though.....my outdoor Hooligan.

Miller said...

Mmmm....cupcakes and those meatballs. I wasn't hungry till now!

Miller said...

Is there no way you can post me some????

Anonymous said...

Oooh, they look super yummy.

Seriously - how was that storm? It has been pretty freezing down here, thank god for our indoor braai room, because we've had a roaring fire going nonstop. I still can't get over all that hail!

Kylie said...

yummy! I love some good cupcakes myself! I spend a lot of the winter baking- it makes me feel better and keeps the kitchen warm :)
We have a massive hurricane heading our way as well... I know the ocean is really, really big :) but I wonder if our storms are somehow related! Keep warm and dry!
I heard a saying a while back that I think is so funny:"Whenever I get the urge to run, I just lay down until it goes away!"

David Richardson said...

Holy smokes!! Those...look...GREAT!!

Emily said...

those look delish!
What kind are they??
The icing looks soo yummy!Your blog really is the cutest hayley...:) what is the recipe for these? I love to cook!! LOVE LOVE LOVE! have a happy day!