26 August, 2008

I have been tagged!

I finally feel like I am a real blogger (he-he)...I have been tagged people!
Thanks Meg!

Here are the rules:
1. Link back to the person who tagged you: Meg
2. Mention the rules on your blog
3. Tell 6 unspectacular quirks of yours
4. Tag 6 fellow bloggers by linking to them
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6 Quirks about me...

Okay, so this took a while, I so do not think I am quirky at all, but here goes...what is weird about me...
1) I freak out in the dark, especially if I am by myself. Have always been afraid of the dark. If I have to sleep by myself, I will always leave a light on, the whole night.
2)Guava's make me want to vomit, seriously, I cannot even bear the smell.
3)At the moment, chicken is kinda freaking me out. I am still eating it, but the feather thing is starting to get to me. I once bought chicken from Woolworths, and there was still a feather on it...can you believe it...I nearly died!
4)Banana's make the back of my throat itch. So I never eat them.
5)I collect cookie cutters, but only the steel ones, not the plastic ones.
6)I am obsessed with Christmas. If I could keep my Christmas Tree up all year round I would. I have no problem with them starting to decorate the malls/shops in October, hell they should actually start in July!

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The Running Golfer said...

Is this like being "poked" on FB?

The Running Golfer said...

If you want to know Hayley`s REAL quirks, come see me on


Meg said...

Bananas make the roof of my mouth itch and the inside of my ears itch, but I still eat them! :)

Hayley said...

Hah! You blog address is wrong!

Hayley said...

My husband thinks that I am completely making it up!

Kylie said...

I bought some eggs at a Spar in Windhoek once that had some feathers stuck to them. I guess they belonged to the mother bird! :)I kept telling myself it was ok, it just meant that the eggs were really fresh!! But it was a little freaky :)

Anonymous said...

hi hayley

so sorry to do this to you so soon after you were tagged, but please visit my blog for a surprise...

Anonymous said...

Hayley I wish I had a blog so that you could tag me! I'm also freaked out by the dark, and as you can imagine, Andre just leaps at the chance to scare me! He absolutely loves it when the power goes out and he can frighten me. I hate it, and get so angry with him!! It's terrible!!

O yes, and just to set the record straight, I have a bookmark on my computer for your blog. I visit it everyday (yes I know I stalk you). I love reading your posts. And only after your's do I take your link to Faf's blog. I've even gone to visit the cupcake blog and Meg's blog. Like them both.

But seriously, the two of your blogs really inspire me. I love that you share so much, it really feels as if I see you often and even get to know you better.

So I can't wait for my next Cape visit. Which is soon...

Anonymous said...

Hi Hayley,

Stunning!!! Loving your blog, thanks for adding me to yours. Now I can keep up with a little CPT news when I'm home sick.

Lv Les

Mel said...

Guavas, bananas and chicken....hmm. You got a food thang going on here?

YOu would be in good company in the States with your Christmas obsession!

Fun Post. Hope you feeling better?

Hayley said...

I know, when I re read it, i thought, this is all about food....story of my life!

Thanks, feeling much better!