31 August, 2008

Cancelled plans

So this morning we should have been doing a 10km charity walk, Blisters for Bread. But since the worst storm in seven years (no, that's not me being over dramatic, it's quoted from the papers!) has hit Cape Town, we unfortunately could not do it. To say I am disappointed would be an under statement...ja, right!

I was meant to have started training about six weeks ago, I managed to get in a whole two training sessions. Basically I am taking this as a sign from the Man upstairs...He just does not want me to exercise, I get it now. So I am listening and staying where I belong...on the couch!

My husband is of course not happy, he was so looking forward to it. Maybe next time Sweetie!

Go check out Cape Town Daily Photo and Cape Town Daily Photo Extra, for some photos of the storm, they were taken in Seapoint, where the walk was going to take place. I some how think we are not the only ones that did not pitch up.


Anonymous said...

We got an inch of hail. HAIL. This morning around 7am. Nuts.

Also - our pool is RIGHT at the brim, and a lovely shade of green :)

Hayley said...

You are kidding me? Bloody hell, what is up with this weather?