22 August, 2008

A blogging question

Because I am new at this, I am asking for help from my fellow bloggers.

When someone leaves a comment on one of your posts, do you reply on the same post (your post) or do you go to their blog and reply on their latest post, which means you will be saying something completely unrelated to that post?

Okay, I hope I make sense...I am already confusing myself!


Kevin said...

I try to go for the reply on your post tactic - assuming if they subscribed by email to the comments it works. Others have emailed me directly a response - but I would post a reply on your post and then pay them a visit and leave them a related comment.

allie. said...

HI Haley,

Sometimes I reply to the others' comments on my own blog - the trouble with that is that you don't know if they will revisit that post to pick it up.

I believe you can arrange to be alerted on your cell phone when a new comment is posted though - so that would take care of that problem.

Blogging is a great hobby isn't it?
I hate to think how many times a day I check various sites. . .

Its not hard to imagine myself one day standing in front of a group saying:
"Hi. My name is Allie and I am a blog-aholic."


Hayley said...

Thanks guys, appreciate the help.

Tell me about it Allie, I am already addicted to this damn thing!

Mel said...

I have seen it played out 3 ways:

1. Post a reply on your post

2. Post a reply on their blog

3. Email them in response to their comments.

I do tend to post replies on their blogs because I find people dont always come back and check HOWEVER if you make a habit of replying on your post----regular commenters pick that up and then they DO come back and check!

You kinda get to know your "people" and then respond accordingly.

Hope you feeling better? Been freezing hey!

David Richardson said...

If someone posts a comment on my blog, I respond to them on my blog.

Ultimately, I don't think there's a right or wrong on this. Just do what works best for you.

Hayley said...

Thanks David