10 July, 2008


This is just a post to tell you that it has officially STOPPED raining here in Cape Town! It is still bitterly cold, and I think I spotted snow on the tops of our mountains this morning, going to see if I can get some photos later. Yes, it is still exciting to see snow, even if it is way up high.

This is only our second winter in the Cape. And I can hear all you Gautengers, already saying "you see we told you", but even though this rain is starting to slowly drive us mad, I love the winters here!
That was one of the things I was looking forward to when moving down here. Trust me, Joburg is cold, in fact it snowed there this time last year. But on most winter days, by 10h00 its pretty warm, and you can peal off the scarf and gloves, and there is no rain, so planning a braai etc is no problem. It probably has one of the best climates in the world. Not for me though, I could not wait for the wet winters, and the fact that you can actually wear proper winter clothes the whole day, I mean I now actually have a winter wardrobe, which gets packed away at the end of every winter. In Joburg, I never had that, I just threw on an extra jacket, warmer shoes and maybe a scarf.

That all said, this rain and cold is now starting to get a bit much now. Am I ever happy :-)

Oh my word, I have just realised that I have written an entire post on the weather! I am turning in to a pommie, sorry.....I mean englishman :-)

Keep warm!


Miller said...

A post all about the weather, at least it made more sence and was better than weather girl on E News!There might be other job opportunities out there for you. Sorry its just past 10am and I'm enjoying some blue sky and a warm winters day in Gauteng with no rain. I think I'll pop outside and walk round the garden now. Miss you guys.x.

Mel said...

Hey girl - so cool to meet another local blogger! thanks for popping in and leaving such a nice comment on my blog.

Jislaaik...the weather here as been so wicked it was worth writing whole post about it!

Catch ya later!