07 July, 2008

What have I done?

So, as you may know or maybe you don't, my husband has become a bit of a fitness freak. He started running about three months ago, and along with eating well, he has lost 10kg's and he is as fit as a fiddle (oh my word, do they still even use that saying?). He ran his first race a few weeks back, and he is so chuffed with himself (you can read all about it here).

So, I decided to get off my ever increasing ass, and join him (walking, not running, this body was not built for extreme sports). That was about two weeks ago. To date I have walked a whole of nothing!

Today, I get call from my always enthusiastic husband, telling me about a 10km charity (Blisters for Bread) walk. Yes, you read right, that's not an extra zero on the end of that number, it is 10km's! He is entering us into the walk. Great!

Actually, I am kinda excited about it. It's on the 31 August, so now I have something to work towards, and I have decided to document my progress right here, aren't you lucky? I am hoping it will keep me honest and motivated.

Here is a copy of the route map, it is sure to be a very pretty race.

Wish me luck!


The Running Golfer said...

You make me laugh!!! It`s gonna be a lot of fun and by then you`ll be able to run at least half of the 10km.... No seriously.... :-)

Hayley said...

Like I said Sweetie, this body aint made for running, so lets start with the walking:-)

Miller said...

You can do it, and to make it better at least it is going to be a scenic route. the time will pass without you even realising it. Go Sister.X.

The Running Golfer said...

Well, it`s done. I entered us a few minutes ago, so now there is no turning back.

Hey, are you eating a biscuit? Put it down this very second! Bootcamp has begun..... Welcome to hell, Hayley.......