27 July, 2008

We made it to Church...finally!

Hi my name is Hayley and I haven't posted for six days.

Yes, its very bad of me I know, but there seriously has been no news on our side, it has been a pretty ordinary week, until this morning, the husband and I eventually got ourselves to church! Yes, you can all pick yourselves up from the floor.

For those of you that don't know our Church dilemma, I'll quickly give you some background. You see, Francois grew up predominately in a Baptist church, where as I was brought up Anglican. Yes, so you can see the problem.
For my non-Church friends, this basically means that even though we both have the same beliefs, our Church's are way different. So when I went to church with Francois, it was like a completely foreign country, and when Francois came to church with me, he was to scared to look left or right, because it was way to formal and rigid. So since we have been married we have been trying to find a Church that we both feel comfortable in. And yes, I can hear everyone already saying, that it should not matter which Church you go to, but we really want to find a Church, that WE both feel like we want to go to. Trust me, this has led to a LOT of arguments in the Malherbe household.

But today, it looks like we might just have found it.
Hillsong opened up a Church in Cape Town a few months back, and we decided to go check it out this weekend. Well, it was really amazing, I did have a small amount of reservations, but I was totally wrong, and I am happy about that. We had such a great time, the people there were so friendly and welcoming and it's just such a joyful place.

Cannot wait to go back!

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