15 July, 2008

Project: Get Rid Of This Big Fat Ass

Week 1, Day 1
Okay, so yesterday was day one of Project: Get Rid Of This Big Fat Ass (GROTBFA). I am all set, I have even have new takkies, no they are not pretty, but this is serious business people!
My husband joined me on my first day, shame, he was so encouraging, but I think I was annoying the crap out of him, but he never complained once. Even when I started off the walk doing jumping jacks down the road, in front of the neighbours. He did mention a few times that he was just going to walk with me the first day and then I am on my own, so I got the message :-)

So how did I do? I did just over 2,6 km. Walking for four minutes and then running for one minute, the whole damn way. I am very impressed with myself. I am not even stiff this morning, but lets wait and see what I feel lIke tomorrow morning, it always seems to take a day before my muscles think "what the f@#k!"

My deadline is the end of August, when we are walking a 10km walk, so I need to be fit for that!

The weather seems to be turing bad, so I guess I am gonna be on the stationery bike this afternoon, I hate that damn thing!

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The Running Golfer said...

You did very well Sweetie, just one thing. Maybe keep the Jumping Jacks in the closet along with your "I`m with Stooopid t-shirt"....