06 July, 2008

Our Godchildren

So Francois and I don't have any little ones of our own, even though my husband will tell you that our two bulldogs totally qualify as our kids.
However we have the privilege of been Godparents to our three nephews, Kyle, Devon and Adam.

Some times I wonder if my sister ever regrets allowing us to be Godparents, take this past week for example. They have been staying with us and so far the three year old has learnt the following from my husband:
- The Pip of Death. Yes, this is their new wrestling move, which obviously involves their heads. She is going to have a lot of explaining to do at his school over the next few weeks
- The word 'crap'. I know it's really bad, but it is just too cute and Francois and I cannot stop laughing to tell him not to.
- The word 'dumb ass'. Another reason my sister will be explaining, or rather apologising this week.
The fourteen year old has learnt about:
- 'Vrying' in the back seat of the car
- That you you should only support the pretty girls at Wimbledon, no matter what.
- That, of course he should be dating at this age, and that his 'chick' better be 'hot'.

Oh my word, I have no hope for our kids one day (please let us have girls!).

But on a serious note, I just wanted to let my sister and Mark know, that even though we are probably causing more damage than good at this stage, we love those boys like they were our own and we are having so much fun.
...and I promise, my husband (yes, and myself) will grow up one day, and hopefully be better behaved, you'll have your turn with our kids :-)

With our boys, Kyle, Adam and Devon

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