09 July, 2008

Just the two of us

Yip, it's just the two of us now. The Lacy's packed all their kids and things and left yesterday morning. So the house is now dead quiet.

It was a great week and a half, even though my husband and I were working and the weather was so not playing along.
So what did we get up too and what happened...
- one stop at the famous Royale Eatery in Long Street, Cape Town.
- four tanks of petrol
- unknown amount of bottles of wine
- rain, rain and more rain
- two burnt dinners
- two dog fights
- 100 hours of DVDs watched by the kids
- 0 braai's, can you believe it?
- one broken pot (my favourite)
- two hurt children, yes, blood was lost in both cases
- one batch of cookies baked
- another bunch of great memories made
and best of all we got to spend quality time with the newest member of our family, little Adam. We have completely fallen in love with him.

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