17 July, 2008

The Joynts

So, I have introduced you to the one side of our family, The Lacys'. The Joynts' make up the other half. This is Francois's side of the family and I am very lucky to be a part of it too.

Just like most South African families these days, they are our token ex-pats :-). They made the great trek across to New Zealand about eleven years ago. Yes, they are still big Springbok fans, except for the kids, but don't worry we are working on them.

I remember the first time I had to meet them, I was so scared. Think about it, a regter egter 'soutie' being introduced to an Afrikaans family!
But Monya (Francois's sister) and Brian have always made me feel like part of the family, right from the start. I am lucky to call Monya a friend, a good friend! Even though, she is like the perfect wife and mother, and makes the rest of us look bad :-).
Then we get to Brian. Brian drives me insane! The man comes from Sasolburg people, and he mocks me about coming from Benoni - I just don't get it? I now understand what it is like to have an older brother. So Brian, I hope you take that as a huge compliment:-).
Monya and Brian have two beautiful children, Danielle and Nicholas. They are seriously the greatest kids! Yes, they are Kiwis, but we wont hold it against them though, they have South African blood...that's probably why they have turned out so great!

This is one of my favourite photo's. All of us together!

The lady in the middle, is Francois's Mom, she deserves a post all to herself, so watch this space!

It's tough having close family living across the world. Especially Francois, I know he misses them so much. But we try our best to stay in contact as much as possible, another big reason for this blog...they better read it now :-)

We love you guys, you are always with us and I know we will see you soon.
Thanks for making me part of your family!


The Running Golfer said...

Awesome post Sweetie...

Brian Joynt said...

Hey Sweetie,

You failed to mention how atractive I am and also failed to recognise my superior intellect.

Hayley said...

Well if you could spell, then I would recognise your superiir intellect :-)