11 July, 2008

Good friends

Don't worry, this is not another blog about the weather, I have far more exciting to news to tell you! The Malherbe's went out on a school night! Yes, you are reading correctly, we went out during the week. I know! Even missing Brothers & Sisters, how wild are we?

Two of our best friends are down in Cape Town so we joined them for dinner in Gordons Bay. I have posted some pics below, but be careful, they are a bit wild, so brace yourself.

All jokes a side, we had another great evening with two great friends. Since moving down here, we really do miss our friends back in Joburg. We are so lucky that they have all come to visit us at some time or another. Thanks guys (you know who you are), we appreciate it more than you know.

Andre, Mia, me, Francois

Thanks for a great evening you guys!

PS. Its still damn cold

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The Running Golfer said...

Hayley, the only word that can truly describe you is "rebel".....